How to stop getting political text messages on your phone

As political campaigns crisscross the state, supporters are working to get the word out in a new way, including sending text messages directly to your phone.

According to the FCC, it is illegal to contact people through automated messages, but not if someone is contacting a voter manually. That's called P2P texting.

P2P, meaning one to one, is done through call centers. So, regular phone call centers ares staffed with people hitting send in order to get these texts around. These texts became popular during Bernie Sanders campaign.

"The text is kinda of a new thing. I think a lot of campaigns realize that people don't respond to phone calls anymore," says Eric Beans, CEO of Texting Base, a marketing software firm.

If you want those messages to stop, just type STOP in all capital letters and by law, they are supposed to remove you permanently from that list.

If you still receive text messages even after opting out, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Communications Commission. 

Voter Kerrie Gregory says that "I've gotten them from both parties, but it doesn't sway my decision on who to vote for. Still deleting."