How would your child react if a stranger approached?

Many parents wonder how their kid would react if a stranger tried to approach them. Would they be able to tell if someone truly intended to help or hurt them? Could they get away if an adult tried to overpower them?

Saturday in Palm Harbor dozens of kids were taught how to avoid and escape an abduction at a free clinic at Level 10 Martial Arts College. Children and teens learned the ABC’s of self defense: Awareness, Boundaries and Confrontation.

Instructors taught everything from how to fight off an attack to how to not be a target in the first place, being glued to a cell phone in public is a bad habit for several reasons.

"If a kid is busy on their phone all the time, there are people looking and noticing those things," explained Master instructor James Theros.

The class also taught attendees how to diffuse iffy situations in order to escape to safety and what questions to ask a stranger who claims to be acting as a friend.

"Having a password that only the family knows is always helpful," explained Theros. 

Theros says what's most important is for kids and parents to be aware of the tricks abductors use to manipulate victims and to be prepared to fight back when necessary.

"Whatever’s going to happen I’d rather it happen right here and right now than to be taken to somebody’s car or a secondary location to find out what’s going to happen later. Being passive is not a good response. You’ve got to learn to be aggressive and fight," said Theros.

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