Idaho boy makes prosthetic finger for neighbor

After Daniel Haney lost part of his finger, he received a helping hand.

His handy 12-year-old neighbor, Trevin Edwards, made him a prosthetic finger from scratch. Daniel, a mechanic in Idaho, was injured after a car engine fell on him.

When Trevin found out, he got to work by using a piece of piping and a wooden dowel.

“It makes me feel great knowing that I actually have a special place in his heart,” Trevin said.

Daniel knew Trevin since he was a baby. And is grateful for it.

He said his new finger works. It protects his nub -- allowing him to still work on machines.

“He’s got more heart in his little in his little pinky then most of us do in our whole body,” Haney said. “He’s an amazing young man.”

But Trevin isn’t done yet. He’s already been modifying the prosthetic to make it fit more comfortably, and plans to paint it.

Now, the young engineer things he found his calling – he wants to help other amputees.

“There is certain people now that can’t afford the prosthetics that you have to buy,” he said. “And they can’t do anything. And so, if I can take this somewhere one day, I wanna try to do something.”