Idaho couple raises $2,400 tip for waitress, a single mom working three jobs

It’s been a challenging year, but the holiday season can still bring out the best in people.

An Idaho couple coordinated a tremendous tip for a waitress at a new local restaurant after learning that she’s a single mom working three jobs to make ends meet.

On Sunday night, Michael and Kelly Wolsten were out to eat at Pho Le 1 in Coeur d'Alene, where their server shared that she’s a single parent of two young children, ages 4 and 5, working hard to support her family.

Impressed with her drive and inspired to give back in the spirit of the season, Michael put out a pitch to Facebook friends, asking if they'd consider donating to the tip he and his wife planned to leave after their meal.

"We want to bless her big time," he explained.

From there, dozens of donations poured in from well-wishers. By the end of the night, the Wolstens were ultimately able to raise over two grand for their server.

“So we reached out to a few of our Facebook friends, and over 100 people heard your story and they have donated to that tip tonight,” Kelly told the waitress in a quick clip shared to Facebook. “And your tip is $2,400.”

“Are you serious?” the server replied, blinking back tears and insisting with a laugh that she wasn’t a “crier.” “That is wonderful.”

“Merry Christmas,” Kelly added, and the two shared a hug.

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