Imagine Museum invites all ages to experience the beauty of glass art

St. Petersburg has many opportunities to see fine art, from the murals along Central Avenue to the ‘Bending Arc’ at the Pier. Among the museums showing specialized works of art, the Imagine Museum stands out as unique.

"We are a museum that showcases contemporary glass from around the world," stated Jane Buckman, the executive director of Imagine Museum.

The museum is full of creative works all with the common element of being made of glass, but glass art is not an "old" art form such as drawing and painting. 

"Really, this is an American movement actually, it started in the 1960S and then it exploded," Buckman explained. "The artists said, 'We want to create with this material and we want to make fine art.'"

Like other creative people, artists around the world saw what the Americans were doing and followed suit. 

"So when you come to Imagine Museum, what you're able to see is artists from around the world, inspired by Americans to take this material of glass and to create the beautiful sculpture you see in this museum," said Buckman.

But glass art, that's just for responsible adults and hands-off types, right? "Not so," said Buckman. The Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg loves when children attend. 

"We want the children to come in. We want them to see because some of them maybe have not experienced sculpture like this before and they are so fascinated. We want them to look. We want them to see. We want them to ask questions," Buckman said.

They even have a scavenger hunt for kids every other Saturday. They hide small glass-blown animals in and around the artwork throughout the museum and it’s up to the kids who visit to find them. 

Through April 25, admission to the Imagine Museum is $5 per person on Sundays when they are open from noon to 5 p.m. Tickets are available online at

"People, for not very much money, can come in and have a wonderful experience," Buckman shared.

To accommodate COVID-19 guidelines, masks are required, there is timed entry for space, and hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the museum.


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