Immersive 'Van Gogh Alive' exhibit opens at Salvador Dalí Museum

A first-of-its-kind Vincent Van Gogh exhibit opens at The Dalí museum in St. Petersburg this weekend.    

“It is fully immersive. It is a sensation you do not get from seeing art on a wall,” marketing director Beth Bell told FOX 13.   

It's called "Van Gogh Alive" and it opens to the public Saturday, November 21. Visitors can see his paintings on an enormous scale through high-definition projectors, and synched to a powerful classical music score. 

The museum says it puts the paintings into context with what the artist was experiencing in life.    

“It’s not about the technology and using technology. It’s more about finding an innovative way to tell a story about art and the artist,” Bell said.   

Van Gough’s paintings have mesmerized art lovers with their vibrant colors. His tragic story of failure, poverty and mental illness has made him one of the most fascinating artists in history.    

“What we see in the world is not what’s really there. There is something underneath it all that has a much different contour and a much different energy, and you feel that in Van Gogh. The vibrancy of the colors, the wildness and instability in the world,” said Hank Hine, the director and visionary of the Dalí Museum.   

This is the first immersive Van Gogh display in the United States. The experience will be at the Dalí through April 11, 2021.