Inside look at what it takes to be an Amazon delivery driver

Amazon only has two specialized training centers for its delivery drivers in the U.S.: The first one opened in Colorado, and the company’s second facility is in Seffner. 

New delivery drivers learn safety practices through virtual reality and different simulators at the Last Mile Driver Academy. The new facility opened on Taylor Rd. in Seffner this year. 

"I think that any time you can bring fun to a training environment, it's a win in terms of sentiment and learning retention," Amazon senior manager Daniel Bohnemann said. 

The Slip, Trip and Fall Simulator teaches drivers how to walk on slippery sidewalks while carrying packages. Drivers walk across a wet glass floor while wearing a harness, which will catch them if they fall. 

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"This training has shown to reduce slips, trips, and falls incidents for drivers out on the road by up to 50%," Bohnemann told FOX 13.

In order to minimize stress on the body, drivers learn how to use their delivery vehicle’s handle bars to exit the vehicle properly. 

"They literally get in and out of their vehicles hundreds of times every day. So this gives them the ability to test the difference in your pounds of force," Bohnemann said when describing the facility’s egress training tool.

At the Last Mile Driver Academy, drivers learn how to efficiently load and quickly organize packages into their delivery trucks. Virtual reality sessions quiz them on what to do in different scenarios through interactive videos. Drivers practice delivering packages in homes and apartments at the facility’s "mini-city." 

"We want to be able to give our drivers the best chance for success to deliver that package in the best and safest manner possible out to the customer," Bohnemann said.