Instead of recess, first-grader patrols school with SRO

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A new officer patrols the halls at an Alabama elementary school and this one is just six years old.

Braylon Hensen was born without sweat glands so he can't go outside for recess because he may overheat.

School Resource Officer Ron Saladin noticed Braylon was stuck inside and invited him to join in on some foot patrols.

“I noticed his classmates were out there playing, and he was in here by himself so I let him come walk with me to help him out because he felt left out,” School Resource Officer Ron Saladin said. “His mom was afraid that he was going to get bullied and picked on when he came to school.”

Now, Braylon has a whole new role at school.

"Definitely a blessing, like it was meant to me," Saladin said.

Officer Saladin started working at the school in August.