International fugitive may get break due to prosecution's error

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Lynn and Wade Angel have one mission: to put the man they blame for their son's death behind bars.

"Christopher Ponce has a history of being a screw-up. I knew he'd screw up," said Wade Angel. 

Defendant Christopher Ponce is back in the United States after cutting off his ankle monitor and hiding out in Spain for three years.

He was caught after he was featured on "The Hunt" with John Walsh.

Ponce is accused of driving drunk - and the wrong way - on I-275 and slamming into William Angel's car, killing him and severely injuring his two passengers.

But Ponce may be getting a huge break after his attorney discovered an error in his extradition.

Attorney Anthony Rickman reviewed the case for FOX 13.

"Just because he's here doesn't mean the whole extradition process is over," Rickman explained.

The defense claims the state never included the added charges of fleeing and tampering with an ankle monitor to the extradition paperwork. That creates a big problem for prosecutors.

"You can only be extradited on the charges the extraditing charges are aware of," said Rickman.

The error cuts Ponce's possible prison term by 10 years.

So instead of facing 35 years behind bars, he faces 25.

"Somebody didn't dot the Is and cross the Ts. That's unfortunate," said Wade Angel. 

But despite the possible legal set back, William's parents are ready to face Ponce in court.

"It's the narcissistic nature of this guy. It just angers me but I know that the trial is coming and, in the end, he's going to go to prison. Justice for William will still be served," said Wade Angel.