Invention developer in Clearwater looking for next big thing

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It's hard to imagine, but household product names like OxiClean™, Flex Seal and Swiffer were once just ideas born from necessity and convenience.

With millions of people coming up with new ideas every day, the task of turning a good idea into a saleable product may seem daunting, but a Clearwater company is helping inventors remove the guess-work.

Several creators have already claimed their success with the help of CMS WorldGroup. Pinellas County inventor believes she may have the next big thing.

"One of the things we found very quickly was that there was a need for services for inventors to be able to take their products and ideas and turn them into reality," said CMS WorldGroup President and CEO, Charles Ferrer.

But there's an important question to answer before that happens.

"The first thing we are analyzing is, do we think the product makes sense? If the product makes sense, and we thank we can manufacture it, we'll tell the inventor that we can do that for you," said Ferrer.

Inventor Tiffanie Lopatin says having an invention one-stop-shop right in her backyard has been very helpful and she's reaping the rewards. She was inspired by her dog - and struggling with car seat covers to keep her dog's fur at bay - to create a solution. 

"I bought other car seat covers and they were hard to install. They weren't machine washable. They were super challenging for me," said Lopatin.

Lopatin came up with Seat 'Em - strapless seat covers that go right in the washer. 

"We're seeing success from our customer orders that are doing really, really well," said Lopatin.

Marissa Streng was also inspired by her pooch.

"My invention is called Puff and Fluff, said Marissa Streng. "It's a dog drying system that takes air from a blow dryer and circulates the warm air around the dog to dry it."

Her product went from idea to online sales, and she has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to showcase her idea.

Meanwhile, inventor Uganda Williams' product isn't about pooches, but foot protection. He invented the Footglove Performance Footwear.

"It's the world's first foam insert, padded compression sock," Williams explained. "This product is ideal for people who are working, engaged in rigorous activities, such as athletic, recreational, physical workout-types of activities", said Williams.

These inventors say a big key to their success was CMS WorldGroup.

CMS says it is always looking for more bright ideas. Inventors who have been helped by CMS say, if you think you have an idea, don't be afraid to go for it.

"Try your best to get it out there. You never know what's going to happen. When I was in sixth grade, I had no idea my product would be manufactured like it is today," said Streng.

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