Investigators look for more victims after unlicensed contractor arrested

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Pinellas County deputies are looking for possible victims of an alleged con-artist contractor who is accused of scamming homeowners out of thousands of dollars.

Brian Hursey, 38, is charged with grand theft after taking more than $6,200 from Dunedin homeowner Jacquelyn Lujan, but never doing the work.

"It was the equivalent to a good number of months of my teacher pension, as I'm retired," Lujan said.

She tried several times to get her money returned, but Hursey stopped responding to her text messages.

"I know I'm not going to get my money back. I've said goodbye to that. I've made peace with that a good while ago," she said. "The whole thing is, if he can take me, he's going to be able to take somebody else."

According to investigators, Hursey has scammed at least three other people. The Better Business Bureau page for his company, Bay Area Pavers and Surfaces, also has a list of people complaining they were also scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars by Hursey.

Detectives believe there are likely other victims out there and they want those people to come forward.

"It's heartless. That can't be tolerated," said Sgt. Spencer Gross. "It's the same method of obtaining money from people and offering to do this work but never starting the work and never having any intention of completing it."

FOX 13 called and left a message for Hursey, but he did not call back.

Sgt. Gross says Hursey is not licensed and court records show Hursey has been charged at least twice with doing unlicensed contracting work.

Deputies recommend homeowners always check a potential contractor's credentials to make sure that person is licensed and bonded.