Jimmy Buffett joins Biden at campaign event

Vice President Joe Biden joined rocker Jimmy Buffett to rally in support of Hillary Clinton in St. Pete this evening. 

The Clinton campaign believes that, if their supporters get to the polls, they will win Florida and the presidency.  It's a tight race though, with polls showing the state evenly split, with maybe a slight edge to the democrats in the early vote.

Pinellas County is one of Florida's swing counties, and the feeling is that if the Democrats are to win the Sunshine State, they need significant turnout in Pinellas County.

Amazingly, the early and mail votes in Pinellas are within just 358 votes, with maybe two-thirds of the vote already in.  So the vice president was hoping for one last day of media coverage and a boost of enthusiasm to get Clinton over the top.

"This is a race between a man who praises Vladimir Putin and a woman who expands our alliances and knows who our foes are," Biden told the crowd.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, rallied in Sarasota earlier today.

Both candidates are expected to be in New York City as polls close tomorrow night.