Judge extends voter registration deadline by at least a day

A Federal judge has extended voter registration in Florida by at least one day, and could decide to extend the October 11th deadline by a week.

In agreeing that Hurricane Matthew could have disenfranchised those who planned to register over the weekend, the judge ruled in favor of the Florida Democratic Party, who is planning to ask the judge during a hearing on Wednesday to extend the deadline until Oct. 18.

Given Florida has been decided by less than three points in three of the last four elections, even small swings can make a difference.

At the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office, there was a last-minute rush of voters who were trying to get their paperwork done.

"It is very crucial, very important, whether you are voting Republican, Democrat or Independent, your vote matters," said Democratic Party volunteer Diane Fore.

Democrats say they have made gains among minority voters, who are registering at least 2-1 in their favor.

On the other hand, since January, Republicans have narrowed the overall registration gap in the state by a point and a half.

With another day to register voters, Democrats believe their ground game advantage can deliver a larger proportion of members of their party.

The Trump ground game has upped the ante, adding 25 "Get Out the Vote" offices over the last several months to complement a reported 70,000 volunteers.

Democrats claim 90,000 volunteers and nearly 70 offices.

Bill Clinton is holding a registration rally for his wife in Safety Harbor Tuesday at 6:45 pm, while Donald Trump will be in Lakeland on Wednesday at 3pm.