Jury will hear Nachtman ask police for lawyer, talk about 'Frozen'

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As jury selection continued in the double-murder trial of Nicole Nachtman, attorneys argued about how much of the former Florida State University student's interview with police the jury will see.

Within one minute of sitting with detectives, Nicole Nachtman wanted to talk about her favorite topic: fantasy characters.

"Ever heard of the snow queen?" Nachtman asked the officers.

She spent the next several minutes telling them all about Elsa from her favorite Disney movie, "Frozen," but detectives said when it came to the murders of her mom and stepdad, she did not have much to say.

Tuesday, the defense explained it wants to show the jury portions of Nachtman's interview, but wants to omit a portion of the tape where their client asks for an attorney just minutes in.

That did not sit well with lead prosecutor John Terry who, in the middle of picking a jury, said showing the jury selected clips of the interview will be confusing and misleading.

"The jury is going to look at that and say, 'That's pretty crazy. She killed her mom and dad and here she is talking about the ice princess,' but they don't know, just a few minutes before that, she invoked her right to remain silent so she certainly is not going to talk about the murders," argued Terry.

But Nachtman's lawyer, Dana Herce said the interview clips will help them prove Nachtman was not in the right state of mind when she committed the murders.

"She is at the police station being questioned for two counts of first-degree murder. She is talking about Elsa, "Frozen" and the snow queen," said Herce.

The judge sided with prosecutors and will include Nachtman shutting down the interview the moment detectives bring up the murders of her parents.

A jury is expected to be seated Wednesday morning. Opening statements will follow.