Jury will see portion of surveillance video during Drejka trial

The beginning of the trial of Michael Drejka is 10 days away, but pre-trial hearings are ongoing.

Friday's focus was whether the jury will see parts of surveillance video from the day Drejka shot Markeis McGlockton, and whether they will be played at full-speed or in slow motion.

The judge decided part of the surveillance video will be shown in slow motion, and other video evidence won't be shown at all.

"It's really not relevant, and it's highly prejudicial, we don't see why that should be shown at all," defense attorney John Trevena said about the portion of video that shows Markeis McGlockton's death.

Judge Joseph Bulone agreed, saying the jury will not see the moments the 28-year-old died inside the convenience store, in front of his 5 year-old son.

"We all agreed on the video inside of the store, where it's going to begin and end," said Judge Bulone.

The jury will see some video from inside the gas station, starting right before McGlockton leaves the store and the confrontation with Michael Drejka begins. But the speed of the video is still up for debate. 

"If it's not real-time, then it's not really representative of what occurred. At least as the defendant perceived the events," defense attorney John Trevena said.

The defense objected to resizing, slow motion, or any changes or alterations to the video.

The prosecution argued - much like using slow motion in sports games - it will help the jury understand what occurred.

"Every sport, slow motion video determines what actually occurred, what actually took place. Somebody can say, he was doing this, he was doing that, you can see what actually occurred in slow motion video," prosecutor Fred Schaub said.

Judge Bulone decided the jury will watch 11 seconds of the incident in slow motion.

"The slow-motion arguably is relevant to show the actions of the defendant," Bulone said.

The judge will also have to stipulate that at no time during the incident did Markeis McGlockton have a gun on him.

But it's not over. There will be another pre-trial hearing Tuesday afternoon.