Just a drill: Active shooter response training at Newsome High School

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High stress and high adrenaline were the name of the game during Friday’s active shooter training.

The school deputies were putting a week of training to the test at Newsome High School.

Sheriff’s Office’s Mjr. Ciro Dominguez led the training.

"Logistically it's quite a feat because we're trying to make it as realistic as possible, and with the training division adjunct instructors and rotating the people thru hours and hours of exercises,” he explained.

Those exercises played out in three scenarios: One in the gym, another in the outdoor breezeway, and a third in an administration office. 

“Some of the scenarios are a team response, or a two-men or three-person team response. And some of them are a solo officer that would be responding to an event,” Dominguez said.

Each event involved students with fake injuries. 

“You’ll see it’s as realistic as we can in order to put those deputies in an environment that they might face had that day come,” he said.
Although every active shooter situation is different, they’re relying on the past to prepare.

“It's not cookie-cutter, it's as realistic as we can, based on the data and past events that have occurred," he said.