Kids get hands-on during reptile show in Pinellas Co.

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There's lots of fun and learning for students when they see the Pinellas County Reptile show. 

Students at Southern Oaks Elementary School are meeting a very special friend, Rosey the Tarantula.

"Look at that she goes right in with your hair dew" one student said. "I like it."

Rosey and her friends are part of the Pinellas County Reptile show that teach kids about animals.

"We have some kids who come in and don't want to touch anything and leave wanting to touch everything," Savannah Ray, who works for Pinellas County Reptile said.

Savannah Ray and three other animal educators show off the animals in Pinellas County Schools.

"Once you loss that fear of things you actually grow fascinations for them you learn much more about them," Savannah said.

One of the most unusual animals is Ghost, the panther chameleon. About 12 amphibians from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Florida are part of the show.

"Their reaction is awe and wonder, excitement sometimes they are a little bit scared, but at the end of it I think they are always excited about how much that they have learned," Savannah said.