Kids thank first responders on 10-24 day

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They save lives on a daily basis, from catching bad guys to sometimes helping the elderly with everyday tasks. We’re talking first responders do it all and Tampa radio station Spirit FM 90.5 collected letters of love as a way to say thank you.

Like many morning radio shows the focus is on the callers, but inside the studios at Spirit FM 90.5 the calls were about showing appreciation for the men and women who do so much for others often times without a thank you. October 24th coincides with the emergency code, 10-24, given when a first responder needs help immediately but the help the radio station is providing is in the form of cards and letters of love.

“Kids are so honest in what they draw you can see what they draw and what they color and in that you really see where their heart is,” said DJ Fernando Prieto.

The "10-24" effort, station officials say, has been ongoing for a few years. And each go round their outpouring of thank you's gets even louder. The letters can come from children, parents, and everyday supporters of emergency responders.

“When you read some of the letters that they do they really put a lot of thought into it,” Frances Alacorn.

This year the station also wanted to show support for the work crews did during Hurricane Irma and in some cases the lives lost. Such as what happened in Hardee county where a sheriff's deputy and a correctional officer died in a head on crash. Both out just doing their job during unsafe conditions

“The whole idea behind was so needed then and is so needed now,” said Prieto.

if you want to help hand out the cards and letter on Friday email