Knock, knock: snake wraps itself around Florida home's porch door

A Florida homeowner got an unexpected -- and unwelcome -- visitor on her home's porch.

Vanessa Cripe said she found an eastern yellow rat snake wrapped around the porch door of her home in Hernando on Tuesday.

She shared video of the encounter to a Facebook group called Florida Snake ID with the caption, "Had a visitor come knocking tonight. And no, he was not allowed entry."

The snake stayed for about five minutes before "he got bored and moved on," Cripe said.

It's not the first time Cripe has seen an eastern yellow rat snake on her family's property, "but this was the first time one had climbed the door," she noted.

She believes the snake may have been searching for eggs, since her family has chickens on their property. She said one hen in particular would lay her eggs on the front porch.

"The snake had found the eggs in the past on occasion until I encouraged the hen to lay elsewhere," she said. "Maybe it is the same one looking for a free meal."