Konan's BBQ restaurant in Tampa is all about family and food

A local restaurant gives new meaning to working with family. Serving BBQ is a family affair at Konan's BBQ restaurant in Tampa.

"You know, I got three brothers that work here. I got nephews, nieces. This is a total family operation," said manager Eric Trigg. "Matter of fact, if your last name is Trigg and you walk through those doors at any time, you have to report to work." 

The eatery was started by Mike Trigg, a former educator. For school functions, he would pull out his grill. Trigg said his barbecue was a hit with teachers and they encouraged him to pursue cooking professionally.

September of 2011 was when Mike went out the school doors to fulfill his dream of becoming an owner of his own barbecue joint. 

"I went from selling two boxes of ribs a week to probably selling 102," recalled Mike. 

What makes their barbecue so tasty is the special technique that they use. 

"The key to barbecuing is not letting the fire touch the meat," explained John Trigg, Mike's dad. "We're cooking with love, that's what it's all about." 

For sides, they have baked beans, potato salad, green beans, rice and their signature dish, mac and cheese. 

Mike is proud to be in the Carver City neighborhood. 

"There's no need to leave," added Mike. "Right here, we made it this far being right here. So, we just want to, you know, improve upon some things and I think that we will be fine." 

He hopes his customers will enjoy the food for years to come.