Lakeland baker brings movie magic to his confections

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You walk by and it’s nearly impossible to not take a second look, then wander into Cake Makers Studio, downtown Lakeland’s newest addition.

“They’re definitely not run of the mill,” said Meaghan Simms, a math teacher at Lakeland High School.

She says when she saw AT-AT, the famous walker from Star Wars, she couldn’t believe it was so realistic.

“I was like wow,” Simms exclaimed.

Inside, they saw a near life-size bust of Batman, the Predator, and more – all edible.

It is not hard for Luis Arias, who owns Cake Makers Studio with his wife Adriana, to sculpt such exact replicas. He was a movie special effects guy. One of the indie films he worked on was “An Evening with My Comatose Mother.”

“For me, [this is] doing the same thing in a different media,” Arias explained. “I started with clay and silicon and all those materials. And now we’re using chocolate instead.”

Arias also whips up a variety of other, you might say, more mainstream sweets, such as cake pops, chocolate-covered pretzels, and ice creams.

But for people who are looking for a unique once-in-a-lifetime cake for an anniversary or special birthday, Cake Bakers Studio has arrived.

Arias says simple cakes start at about $35. Extravagant ones can cost thousands.