Lakeland couple sings to celebrate wife's coronavirus recovery

A Lakeland man who used music to help his wife cope with COVID-19 in the hospital is now reunited with her just in time for Christmas.

It's a husband and wife reunion Christi White wasn't sure would happen.

"It's amazing to think of how far I've come. To think that a little over a month ago I don't know if I was even going to be here," Christi White said.

In mid-October, Christi was hospitalized for weeks with a severe case of COVID-19, which meant her husband Charlie couldn't see her in-person so he turned to music. Christi's nurses helped coordinate special Facetime calls so Charlie could sing to her.

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"I don't remember much about being in the hospital in Orlando during the time he would do the videos, but I do remember him singing to me," Christi White said.

After a few days of singing, Christi's condition started to improve. She was released on November 5th, but still had a long road to recovery.

"When I came home I could not hardly walk. I couldn't feed myself. I couldn't lift my arms because I was so weak," Christi White said.

Christie and Charlie White

After undergoing weeks of speech therapy and physical therapy, she now says she's 80 percent better.

"Words cannot describe it. Money cannot buy it. It is a gift. It's the best Christmas present ever my friend and that's all I can say," Charlie White said.

The couple who met in a college singing group 33 years ago is now back to doing what they love. They recorded a special Christmas song to thank those who supported them in Christi's recovery.

"Singing with him. I just love every chance I can get to sing," Christi White said.