Lakeland tattoo shop, teachers spruce up school's bathroom walls with positive artwork

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There is some upbeat artwork in the bathroom walls of a Polk County elementary school, and it was all done by a nearby tattoo shop and teachers.

Teachers at Medulla Elementary School volunteered their time over the summer, and, along with the professional help from Holy Grail Tattoo in Lakeland, spruced up the students' bathrooms with positive artwork. 

There are bright colors and drawings now, with positive words like, "Love yourself. Go girl," and a list of "wise words," such as "listen as much as you speak" and "be positive."

Another quote says, "You can make it a great day or not, the choice is yours."

There are also flowers, emojis, and other incredibly credible artwork that covers the walls. The Polk County Public Schools' shared images of the artwork on their Facebook page