Restaurant's tradition of giving back comes full circle

Andres Bautista was last at Donatello Italian Restaurant in 2012, one of the many at-risk teens invited to its annual Thanksgiving celebration. Sitting in these same chairs today, he can remember how he felt then, and how far he's come since.

Church pays off $1.62-million of medical debt for families

“We found out that there’s over $3 million in deferred medical debt in our city,” said Access Church’s lead pastor Jason Burns. "This $3 million is owned by people who live at less than half of the federal poverty line.”

Wild mustangs are no match for this 18-year-old

She's only 18, but is fast developing a reputation for her skill at training mustangs. Her mom says she has a gift, and she’s using it to help find homes for these majestic horses.