Largo woman launches fitness program for those with special needs

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As a physical therapy assistant and type 1 diabetic, Tina Tallman knows the importance of taking care of yourself.

"It is important to have physical fitness in your lives," Tallman explained to FOX 13. "It makes them be more dedicated to their workouts and be responsible for things in their lives." 

Tallman has been doing this for more than two decades but only recently did she decide bring her program to a community that is often never thought of when it comes to physical fitness.

"I realized that there was a lack of access for special needs to be able to get into a gym and get physical fitness," she said. "They get weaker in their chairs and weaker in their lives. With my program they were able to do physical fitness to keep them strong and active so that they can live a long life."

If you walk into her class, there is a little mismatching going on and it's no accident. It speaks to something much bigger than just a fashion statement.

"I want them to feel like they matter," she said. "I want them to feel that every time they come here with the mismatched socks, that i'm just like them. My ultimate thing is with my mismatched socks will make mismatch matter."

LINK: For more information on Me & U Fitness Academy, head over to the program's website.