Lawsuit seeks to reimburse college students for fees paid while campuses were closed during pandemic

Morgan and Morgan, one of the country’s biggest law firms, has filed suits against Polk State College and several other Florida public colleges and universities alleging that students paid all kinds of fees and didn’t get what they paid for because campuses were shut down during the pandemic last year.

"It is a hotly litigated issue on behalf of students who are affected," said John Lachunis, the attorney handling the class action lawsuit for Morgan and  Morgan.

The suit seeks to have the students reimbursed for computer and lab fees, the cost of a parking permit and more.

Lachunis says there is a few hundred dollars at stake for each student. It is not a fortune, he says, but when you are living on a tight budget, every penny counts.

Along with Polk State College, lawsuits are pending against the University of South Florida, Florida State, University of Florida, University of Central Florida and most other state schools.

Since the governor recently signed a bill giving institutions of higher learning greater protection against lawsuits just like this, the litigation is going to be closely watched.

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