Legacy wall inspires elementary school students

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Students at Tampa's Edison Elementary are getting an idea of what their future could be as they look at the legacy wall at their school. 

"The people before us who came to Edison, what they did and how they helped the community," said student, Demond Jackson.  

"We really wanted the students to see that look at these great people that have come through Edison and they started out just like you," said assistant principal, Erin Fiallo.

The students had a chance to step into the shoes of some of these Edison legends through a play.  
"They learned about the people on the wall and they all had a part where they played somebody from the wall," said Fiallo.  

But there's one star on the wall that's blank. 

"It says 'you' and as the kids walk by, the teachers, all the staff. We tell them, that could be you, that will be you one day, if you continue to work hard and try your best, you could have your face and your story be told on the legacy wall," said Fiallo.

"It helps inspire me so I can be there one day," said Jackson.