Looming Christmas tree shortage could be due to hurricane season

Holiday shopping is well underway, but not just for toys, clothes, and electronics.

Lots of folks make the day after Thanksgiving their day to decorate for Christmas. That means people are shopping for trees, but this year it might be difficult to find one with some raising concern over a possible Christmas tree shortage.

It's opening weekend at Dave's Christmas Trees in Brandon. This weekend and next weekend will be some of their busiest times all year, but with concerns over a Christmas tree shortage, they're now taking steps to make sure they don't run out.

The sounds of sawing branches and Christmas music playing is getting people in the spending spirit this holiday season.

"We always go for a Frasier," Cindy Snedeker said. "Because of the smell. We like that and we like them full."

Many shoppers used the weekend to get first pick of their Christmas tree before inventory runs out.

"In 2008 and 2009, the recession hit," Dave's Christmas Trees Owner David Morrow said. "and the growers did not re-plant."

Since it takes about 10 years to grow a full-size Christmas tree, this year there will be fewer to cut down.

It's why David Morrow and his team are keeping a close eye on what's in stock this year, ready to order more if necessary.

"We, fortunately, have a grower that takes care of us," Morrow said. "Because we've dealt with him for 15 years or so he takes care of his repeat customers but doesn't take on any new customers."

All the trees are shipped in from North Carolina and inspected by customers like Mike Snedeker, who is on the hunt for the perfect one.

"We just tried to always have a real tree," Snedeker said. "It's just part of our Christmas tradition. We enjoy the smell. We enjoy the decoration."

To make sure the enjoyment lasts till Christmas make a fresh cut before taking your tree home, make another fresh cut before you put in the stand, start watering it immediately and check the levels daily.

When the holiday season wraps up, recycling is key.