Lost musical arrangements bring Tampa family together

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Musical arrangements, lost for more than a half century, are bringing a Tampa family together.

Curt Hubbard found them hidden away in a box.

"I found a treasure trove of these arrangements that have never been played," he said.

Thousands of sheets of music, with notes written by hand, were created by his father, Bill Hubbard, and other musicians who played in big bands in Miami from 1951 through 1958.

Bill had his own big band that played at spots like the famous Fountainbleau Hotel.

He passed away years before his grandson was born. Now the sheets of music help make a connection with 15-year-old, Will Hubbard.

"You get a perspective of what it was like. You get his handwriting. It's really cool to see that history of him," says Will, who plays clarinet in the Plant High orchestra.

Bill played vibes.

"I'd go to sleep listening to my dad practice. He would practice and practice," remembered Curt.

Bill passed his music down to Curt, his brother, and their friends. They all played together in community orchestras after Bill's big band days.

He passed away in 1985 but when they recently found his lost musical arrangements, they made a plan.

"You bring the music and we'll put this thing together," Curt explained.

Bill's sons and their friends got together with nearly 20 professional musicians and brought the big band arrangements of Bill Hubbard to life once more. They recorded an album and filmed a documentary.

"It was chillbump city," Curt continued. "I can't express the joy coming out of that. It's melancholy joy, too, because I wish my dad could be there to hear it."

It's sad that he can't, but he left a legacy for a new generation to hear the lost music of the big band.