LPD officer Brenda Crispin suspended with pay for unspecified reason

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The Lakeland Police Department is being tight-lipped about circumstances surrounding the suspension of one of its well-known officers. 

Officer Brenda Crispin has been suspended with pay. She joined the police department after her brother, Officer Arnulfo Crispin was killed in the line of duty.

Officer Crispin left her career as a nurse and became a police officer after her brother, Arnulfo was shot at point-blank range four years ago after he approached a group of teenagers at a park after dark.

"I love being out there helping, and it is definitely an honor to remember my brother," she told FOX 13 shortly after she was sworn in. "I feel like this way I can always have him be part of me."

"In general she is a good cop," commented Sgt. Gary Gross, LPD spokesman.

But apparently, something went wrong recently and she was suspended.

FOX 13 has learned Crispin sent a text to LPD Lt. Steve Pacheco, who is in charge of internal investigations, saying she was going to resign, but she didn't.

LPD says there are several internal affairs investigations currently underway but will not say if Crispin is the target of any of them. LPD was not able to say when the investigations will be finished and the results released.

Crispin has been on the force for almost three years.