Lutz man's dedication to helping community pays off, after 7 years

A man's dedication to his neighborhood in Lutz is what's right with Tampa Bay. 

Every day, the entrance to Heritage Harbor on Lutz Lake Fern Road used to be difficult to navigate. Cars whizzed by without noticing a line of drivers trying to enter and exit the community.

Resident Patrick Giambelluca wasn't willing to stand by, especially after tragic crashes at the intersection.

For seven years, he worked with local government agencies on solutions.

Giambelluca rallied support from the neighborhood but, at first, all he could get was a stop sign.

When school started every year, the traffic got worse, but Patrick only became more determined.

He eventually moved, but he just couldn't let the frustration be left unresolved.

Finally, he convinced county engineers to help, and last month they installed a stop light and crosswalk.

"We're really happy to have someone like Patrick in a leadership role in our community, especially considering Patrick moved out of this neighborhood," residents George and Carol Walters said.

Patrick sends his thanks to Hillsborough County for working with him.

He had this advice for anyone struggling to work with their local government: Take the time to have a little patience. He is proof that time and patience always pay off.