Lutz woman uses power of words to spread positivity

Kelly Schoonover couldn’t wait to Monica Ewalt house because a sign acknowledging her daughter’s graduation was waiting outside for her to pick up. 

"It was just a special way to honor her and show the neighborhood that Caroline lives here." 

Ewalt makes signs with messages of positivity to help brighten-up people's day.  

"Just wanted to offer out and get positive and celebrate people's milestones and graduations," Ewalt said. 

She calls her business ‘Imagine your Design'. 

"When I first put this out on Facebook, I thought I would be fine," Ewalt explained. "If I could do about 24 in my community, just sharing little signs with the seniors. Then another mom popped up and said what about my VBK or my kindergartner?" 

Monica's upbeat message is catching on. Last month she sold more than 225 signs.  

"I think it is amazing," her husband Luke Ewalt said. “She's so inspirational and I'm so impressed with how hard she had been working.”

For Schoonover, it’s a way to bring a little bit of happiness to bring to children.

Ewalt said it's a fun photo-op for families. "Just adding something extra to the front of your house to be able to celebrate your child."