Made in Tampa Bay: Chef starts healthy dog food company during pandemic

A Riverview-based nutrition company has gone to the dogs

Woof Creek is making food just for canines in an effort to give man's best friend a better life.

"And not just the dogs, but their parents too," said Woof Creek owner and chef, Scot Hill. 

Chef Scot started the company after the pandemic forced him to close his restaurant in downtown Tampa. 

He started by making healthy dog treats with ingredients not typically used in dog food. 

Photo: Dog enjoys bowl of food topped with Woof Creek products

Scot eventually found a niche creating and selling meal toppers for dogs. 

Woof Creek has meal toppers specialized for stress relief, joint care, and immunity and allergy support. 

"They’re literally super foods blended together to help boost your dog’s wellness," says Scot. 

Visit to see a full list of Woof Creek products.