Made in Tampa Bay: Expandable pontoon boats from 2x Marine

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If you've ever thought about having a party on the water, a new kind of boat being made in the Bay Area is just what you have been looking for.

Army veteran Ian Handley came up with the idea. He said he wanted to make the typical pontoon boat "a bit better."

"I wanted to create a boat that didn’t require any extra signage or permits that could go on a trailer,” Handley explained.

From that, 2x Marine was born. Handley's company now makes and sells expandable pontoon boats.

The boats can transform from 8 1/2 feet to 17 feet in a matter of seconds.

The 2x Marine boats can be docked in a normal slip and, when you're ready to enjoy the water, you hit a button and the boat expands. 

The sizzling of steaks on the grill and music are two of the boat's many features, but Handley says the most amazing part is having the room to host everyone.

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