Made in Tampa Bay: Rustic Steel Creations

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If you've been out in the Bay Area, chances are you've seen the work of Rustic Steel Creations.

They create custom metal art for both homes and businesses.

FOX 13 Photojournalist Lucas Bogg went by their workshop on North Highland Avenue to shows how these unique metal pieces are Made in Tampa Bay.

Owner Dominique Martinez describes his workshop simply, calling it a custom metal fabrication shop. 

"We have the abilities to work with any and all metals: Copper, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and steel," Martinez said.

His team's work is anything but simple. Rustic Steel Creations can be seen in places like Ulele Restaurant, Epicurean Hotel, and Oxford Exchange.

"We forge, we fabricate, but most important of all, everything that we do is strictly custom," Martinez said.

Some of what's made is new and some is repurposed.

"It's really cool when you can take junk and you have that kind of vision where you want to be able to create something, and then people can identify with it because then they see it and they're like, 'Oh my gosh, look, that's part of a gravy boat. Oh, that's part of a Harley Davidson. Oh, that's part of, you know, this and that,'" Martinez said.

He started Rustic Steel in 2002, making picture and mirror frames. Today, he works on a much larger scale.

"We focus a lot on public art, outdoor art, and functional art," Martinez dais. "We've definitely put a nice imprint on the Tampa Bay area and we will continue to do so in a positive way."

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