Man accused of shooting another man in ex’s home cleared of attempted murder, gets 3 years for weapons charge

Nicholas Doumit shared one final hug with his dad in a Tampa courtroom before being escorted away from the courtroom in handcuffs.

The 30-year-old is headed to prison for three years, but it could have been for much longer.

Doumit was involved in a shooting last year that nearly turned deadly.

Prosecutors say last October, he showed up at his ex-girlfriend’s home on West Lemon Street in Tampa and found another man in her bedroom.

At his sentencing hearing, Tampa judge Christopher Sabella reminded Doumit what the jury could have considered.

"The jury could’ve come back guilty and found that this was a jealous rage where you knew that your ex-girlfriend is in there with another man and you went in there with a gun," explained Sabella.

Nicholas Doumit

But during the trial, Doumit claimed it was self-defense -- and the jury believed him.

He said the other man, Carlos Cora, pulled a gun on him. During the struggle, Doumit was able to take the weapon from him and shot Cora in the leg.

Doumit said he took the gun with him, fearing Cora would try to shoot him with it.

The jury found him not guilty of attempted murder, but did convict him of a weapons charge. With five prior felonies, Doumit was looking at mandatory prison time.

Nicholas Doumit addressed the judge at his sentencing.

"I just want to thank you for giving me a fair trial," he said. "I understand the jury came back with a verdict -- I respect that."

Sabella sentenced Doumit to three years behind bars and four years’ probation. The judge also left Doumit with a stern warning to stay away from guns.

"Good luck to you," Sabella said as Doumit was escorted to prison.