Man heads to trial two years after random parking lot shooting in Tampa

Two years after a random parking lot shooting in Tampa, a man is now headed to trial on eight charges, including four counts of first-degree attempted murder

Jarrod Mingo, who is accused of pulling the trigger two years ago, will represent himself in court during the trial. During Tuesday's court appearance, Mingo even refused to change out of his orange jail uniform. 

Tampa judge Mark Kiser reminded him that decision may hurt him with the jury. 

"Do you want me to make a statement to the jury about what you’re wearing and that they should not be considering that in their deliberations?" asked Kiser.

Mingo replied to the judge, saying, "No, sir."

Prosecutors said pawn shop surveillance video showed a then 21-year-old Mingo pulling the trigger. The shots hit two cars with passengers inside and a TECO substation. Law enforcement later tracked down Mingo at a nearby motel and arrested him. 

 If convicted, Mingo could be looking at a mandatory life sentence. Opening statements began Tuesday afternoon.