Man hits the streets, handing out resumes while turning down cash handouts

A Florida man is taking a different approach to find a job, by literally hitting the streets.

It’s the place where panhandlers are usually found, but Desmond Medley isn’t looking for a handout.

"I’ve turned down all the money given. I need a job."

He’s given away 30 resumes so far, along this busy Kissimmee highway.

"I have almost tried everything else. I’ve applied online, I’ve filled out applications, I’ve gone to places, I’ve done temp agencies and I’ve felt I’ve tried everything. Then I realized I haven’t."

Determined to find something, he hits the streets.


"It is draining and it does take a lot out of you. A lot of people take pictures, take photos. Some people are kind of embarrassed. But the struggle is real."

The story of his struggle ending up on a neighborhood Facebook page, with many offering to help find a job. Even a recruiter from a well-known hotel.

"I had no idea it’s on Facebook till this morning and saw people contact me. Yes, I’ve got many calls back, I’ve got texts and emails and I’m just taking the time to go through them all."


Medley, 35, says he’s a former truck driver with a clean record, wanting a career change in hospitality.

"I’m seeking a management position. I have culinary experience and I have over 10 years of transportation industry experience."

With his unique drive, he’s determined to get there and maybe inspire others.

"I just hope this is motivation to everyone else not to give up. Sometimes you feel you’ve tried everything, but there’s a little more you can do."