Man whose car was burned in viral video arrested for outstanding warrant

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Thousands of Facebook users have shared the video and hundreds of thousands have watched as a woman stokes the flames coming from the trunk of a white car in Clearwater. 

Police say the woman, Carmen Chamblee thought the car was her ex-boyfriend's, but it wasn't. 

“I don’t think she knew it was going to lead to all that,” said Robin Mosley, who is Chamblee’s best friend. 

She says Chamblee had been in a bad place for a while now, Mosley said the video was shocking to see, but says her friend has recently gone through some serious struggles.

“I think it needed to happen to her. If it didn’t, she'd probably be somewhere dead," Mosley said.

Clearwater police believe Chamblee was seeing red because she thought her ex owed her $100. When she found what she thought was his car, police say she smashed the windshield.

“Once she broke the windshield, she got blood on the car and that’s when she decided to set it on fire, to cover up her blood evidence,” said Clearwater Police spokesperson Rob Shaw.

Chamblee is now in jail on a charge of second degree arson. The car belonged to Thomas Jennings, who told police he doesn’t know Chamblee at all. His luck would go from bad to worse that day.

“[Jennings] found out he had an outstanding warrant out of Pasco Co., so he ended up getting taken to jail and losing his car on the same morning. Not a good day,” Shaw said.

It was a bad day all around, and it's being replayed online, over and over again.

“Hopefully she learns from this mistake. Hopefully this helps her be a better person,” Mosley said.