Manatee sheriff therapy dog eases stress, warms hearts

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Wearing his badge, Deputy K9 Gee Bee helps victims through some of the most difficult times.

He's been on the force with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office for the last six years.

“He's a gentle giant that everyone loves,” his handler, Susie Brown said.

Working as a therapy dog, Gee Bee helps victims find courage while calming them. Brown is a victim advocate manager Susie Brown sees it happen first hand.

“He knows his job, he sees kids [and] he lights up,” said Brown.

He's worked with all ages, but his specialty is kids.

“It just seems to be comforting to them it just kind of brings them back down to out of that traumatic crisis response. It brings them back down to I have this big teddy bear to hug onto,” said Brown.

Gee Bee was donated to the sheriff's office by the Southeastern Guide Dogs.

He's been through post-traumatic stress training and was awarded the Victim Services of the Year award.

Now he's up for another honor as a Southeastern Guide Dogs Superheroes on Parade.

For the honor, a sculpture has been created in his likeness. He'll rely on votes from the public to make him No. 1.

But he's already earned that spot in the hearts of many he's helped.

“He's been our hero. He's been the Manatee County Sheriff's Office hero for a long time.”

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