Marathon fans track wrong Kevin Hart

Comedian Kevin Hart was among the 50,000 runners in this year’s New York City Marathon -- and so was Kevin Hart from Hollywood, Florida. 

“A great experience my family was up there to cheer me on,” he said.  “First time in New York, plus it was my birthday too,” he added. 

How about this for a 58th birthday present?  During the race, Florida’s Kevin Hart had 23,000 people following him on the marathon’s tracking app.  He was the most followed in the race, although people assumed they were following the comedian. 

“The whole experience was great and then to find out afterwards about the mixup with the comedian Kevin Hart was a lot of fun,” he joked. 

The comedian recently addressed the heartache of being overshadowed on the Tonight Show. 

“He definitely caught a lot of the attention I was supposed to get,” the comedian joked.             
The younger actor finishing about an hour ahead.  Still, the elder Hart had this bit of wisdom, Hart to Hart. 

"I would just say keep doing what you’re doing. He's actually a really good runner,” Florida’s Hart said.