Marvel at Miami's most sought-after mac and cheese

A Miami restaurant is challenging everything you thought you knew about America’s favorite comfort food. 

"You don’t really know mac and cheese until you’ve been to the World Famous House of Mac," insisted owner Derrick Turton. 

Turton went to culinary school but did not get into the restaurant business for many years. Instead, he set off on a successful career in the music industry. He managed the artist Pitbull for 15 years. 

Then Turton's life reached a turning point when his father passed away in 2015. 

It motivated him to jump back into cooking. 

"Biggest obstacle for me coming out was taking that first step. I’m going to walk away from music, which is so many people's dream job, and I’m going to go buy a food truck!" he recalled. 

Turton started serving unique mac and cheese dishes out of his food truck. It became the most sought-after meal on wheels in Miami.

His food truck's popularity led to him opening World Famous House of Mac in the Overtown neighborhood. 

House of Mac serves 18 variations of mac and cheese. Popular options include jerk chicken, buffalo chicken, pizza, and Philly cheesesteak. 

He says changing up the identity of mac and cheese has its challenges. 

"I’ve had many moms and grandmoms come in to test me out," Turton said.

In addition to their Overtown location, World Famous House of Mac has a second restaurant in North Miami Beach.