Massive bull shark caught off coast of Egmont Key

A massive Bull Shark was recently caught off the coast of Egmont Key.

Anthony Belmonte, a fishing boat captain for "Hubbard's Marina" off Madeira Beach, was on a shark-fishing charter trip when he made the catch.

"It was huge. It was over 10-and-a-half feet long and over six feet wide. It was a nice big, big shark," explained Dylan Hubbard, the owner of the marina, Friday morning.

Captain Belmonte posted images of the shark on his Facebook page, and while the images may shock some, Hubbard says a catch like this is more common than one might think.

"It's definitely not unusual. We have some very large sharks off our coast. That's why Hubbard's Marina has offered shark-fishing trips since we started in 1928," he explained.

In all, Hubbard said it took two hours to reel the shark in.