Meals on Wheels for Kids feeding 500 in Pinellas County

An organization is leading the charge to get food to children in need. Their extra effort to deliver meals to families is what's right with Tampa Bay.

When the Pinellas County school bus pulls up to Kyla Thomas' apartment, it's not to take her daughter Kennedy to school. It's to deliver food.

"This is a huge help," said Kyla.

The deliveries are part of the Tampa Bay Network to Help End Hunger's Meals on Wheels for Kids program.  

"It gives her the opportunity to grab her on little lunch packs eats what she wants," said Kyla. "It makes so much easier for us parents."

"The home delivery meal initiative is for families who can't make it to school distribution sites," said Caitlyn Peacock, Executive Director of TBNEH.

Once a week, Pinellas County school buses load up and deliver food to the front door of children and their families.

"All we are trying to do is help support our families and remove the stress that comes along from not knowing where your next meal is going to come from," Peacock said.

The program started in March with 20 families. Now they have more than 500.

"Every week, they supply enough food for her and she gets to put all her little foods away in her little snack cabinet so it's great," Kyla said.

They're going that extra mile to make sure families are getting the nutrition that they need. For more information, visit