‘Meaningful’ cold front to bring fall-like temperatures to Bay Area

Fall-like temperatures are expected to arrive in the Bay Area by Sunday morning, according to FOX 13 Meteorologist Tony Sadiku.

Sadiku says the Bay Area can expect a summery start to the weekend and a fall-like ending with a few showers possibly sprinkled in between.

He says a ‘meaningful’ cold front is working its way across the United States and will arrive in the Bay Area on Sunday.

"It’s not the most impressive-looking front," Sadiku stated. "But, it’s got the goods- the cooler, more comfortable air."

The Bay Area can expect to see lower humidity and highs in the mid-80s beginning Sunday with lows in the 60s beginning Monday morning.

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Sadiku does not expect the cold front to bring significant rain. He says the Bay Area may see a shower or two overnight but stresses that this will not be a major rainmaker. However, he says it may be a little breezy on Sunday.

The last time Tampa saw temperatures below 70 was May 17, which was 152 days ago. The region typically sees the temperature drop below 70 on October 1. The forecast low on Monday morning is 65 degrees.

Sadiku says that this is not a quick shot of cooler, drier air, Instead, the fall-like temperatures will be around for at least a couple of days and then temperatures will begin to climb again toward the end of the week.