Mechanics at Valrico auto shop save customer having heart attack

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Quick actions by a group of employees at a local business helped save a man's life.

A few weeks ago Ken Keebler's whole life changed when he went to Love's Tire and Service Center, in Valrico, to get a tire changed.

"We finished up the service and went and got his vehicle and pulled his vehicle around," service technician Don Smith recalled.

Keebler got into his car and was backing out.

"It almost looked like he had stopped to read his invoice from the day," Smith said.

Another employee, Ty Sullivan said when he watched as Ken ran into another vehicle right in front of the shop.

Keebler was suffering a heart attack.

The team at Love's Goodyear sprung into action.

"We ran out. One of the techs got a ball pin hammer and we broke the window," Smith said.

"[We] laid him down, I checked his pulse," Sullivan said. "I checked his breathing and there was none."

Luckily, Sullivan knew exactly what to do since he's also in school to become an EMT.

"[I knew we should] start CPR right away, establish a passageway, and hope the paramedics show up on time," Sullivan said.

Three weeks later, Keebler decided to show his appreciation to the service shop. 

Ken and his wife, Lynn brought food for the whole shop.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that young man right there," Keebler said, gesturing to Sullivan. "I picked a great place to have a massive heart attack." 

"We had a lot of crazy things happen around here," Smith said. "This, by far, was the most rewarding thing that has ever happen here." 

"[The chances] for someone to be able to walk after, talk, and have a normal life are so slim to none that its a miracle," Sullivan said.