Memphis nurse recognized Amber Alert pair from social media posts

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In blue scrubs and blonde hair, an unassuming Memphis woman talking with investigators Monday afternoon was the hero who saved the day: The woman who recognized 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis from an Amber Alert.

The Baptist East tech, exhausted from her day, told us she was on her lunch break shortly after the state of Tennessee issued an alert for Rebecca, known to her family as Becky, out of Polk County over the weekend.

“She recognized him, but wanted to double check and was keeping an eye on him.  She looked at the Amber Alert and noticed that was him and the child," Lt. Karen Rudolph said.

While keeping an eye on them without raising suspicion, the woman called security, who found the two on Baptist security cameras.  That is when Baptist called MPD.

The girl was saved and the suspect, West Wild Hogs, was taken into custody.

“He got behind the car, and it matched the description. He ran the tag and discovered it was the one we were looking for in the Amber Alert, made the traffic stop, and was able to make sure that the child was safe," Rudolph continued.

The Baptist East tech who spotted the little girl and her abductor said she recognized them from seeing them on TV Monday morning and saw the alert on social media.

Little Becky's grandmother  expressed her appreciation for the media, getting the word out in a Florida press conference late this afternoon.

Lewis’ Grandmother said, “Without you guys, we probably would not be here.”

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