Metro Ministries, Florida Dream Center deliver meals in Pinellas County

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The Florida Dream Center teamed up with Metropolitan Ministries to feed hundreds of families for Thanksgiving. 

Saturday, volunteers showed up dark and early to the St. Petersburg warehouse ready to pack and deliver 800 boxes of hope. 

"Two weeks before Thanksgiving we start asking people if they're interested in Thanksgiving dinner and they sign up with us and we put them on the list," says Dream Center CEO Steve Cleveland. 

The delivery list quickly grew to 800 names and required the help of 250 volunteers. 

With trunks open and maps in hand, volunteers packed box after box into their vehicles.

Ready-to-deliver meals, and a little bit of hope, went out to the community. 

"We're really here for the purpose of not only handing out food boxes but connecting with the people to show them that there are people out there who care and love on them," said Candy Winston who spent the day volunteering with her husband and grandson. 

The 800 boxes of hope were all accounted for, but if you know someone in need Metropolitan Ministries plans to feed as many families as possible through Thanksgiving.