Military mom surprises son, brother after 6-month deployment

First-grader Jewelz Williams got the surprise of his life Thursday morning when his mother surprised him at Tampa Heights Elementary School after a six-month deployment with the Air Force.

Jewelz was told that he and his uncle, Andre, who also happens to be in the first grade, were being interviewed by reporters about new construction at their school. In the middle of the interview Eboni Bailey, Jewlez’s mother, walked out into the courtyard.

"Mommy!" Jewelz exclaimed, running into her arms. Upon hearing the commotion, Andre spotted his sister and ran to her as well.

School counselor Melissa Jones said Jewelz had good days and tough days while his mother was gone. She said he came to see her several times while his mother was deployed and expressed worry and fear for her safety. She said she would comfort him and assure him that his mother would be OK and that she would return to him soon. 

She added that Andre and Jewelz are best buddies and Andre was often the go-to person for Jewelz when he was feeling kind of sad and missing his mom.  

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Bailey says it was tough being away from her family, but she felt it was the right time to serve her country.

"I felt it was the right time to go and make a sacrifice for my country, so I was happy to go, but it was hard to leave my family and my loved ones behind," she offered.


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