Moms help other families with life struggles

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They're a dedicated group of moms volunteering their time to help struggling families.

"I love it you found all these other people to do that," Jacqueline Hiatt said.

She has spent the last 14 years changing the lives of children in Hillsborough County schools.

"I love the fact that we get to provide this for like what is it like 120,000 impoverished students," said Hiatt.

She is one of about 40 volunteers for Oasis. They provide gently used clothing, hygiene items for school students.

"You have a child that shows up to school on a Monday without shoes without a jacket. A social worker can come and immediately and provide clothing to that child. It's great to know that we can do that," she said.

Hillsborough County is the eighth-largest school district in the country.

"We have 220,000 students now and 60 percent of those students are on free lunch," said Executive Director of Oasis Ginger Bean. "There is just a lot of need in our community now."

For Hiatt, Oasis' mission has special meaning.

"I grew up underprivileged so when I found out about this organization when my son was in elementary school I immediately felt drawn to coming in and helping out," she said.

Social workers can set up an appointment to visit one of the four area sites. They can also used the new on-line delivery service.

"The purpose is to make it simple for the  school social worker so it doesn't take time out of their day away from the students and families," said Ms. Bean.

These moms are coming together for the cause of helping students have an enjoyable educational experience. Oasis will be taking part in Giving Kids Day later this month. For information, visit